The Supreme Court Vs. The Constitution

by Gerald Walpin

They’re on a “rampage,” writes Gerald Walpin, one of the country’s top litigators, in his astonishing new book, The Supreme Court Vs. The Constitution.

And it takes just five of them to lay waste to the rights of 300 million Americans.

A mostly bare majority of justices of the United States Supreme Court, the only judicial body enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, have spent recent decades reversing, revoking and rescinding the fundamental guarantees of that sacred document to the people of America.

They’ve freed thousands of murderers, rewritten sound and time-tested laws, crippled religious liberty, enabled the spread of pornography and immorality. They have ignored the letter and spirit of the Constitution and its amendments in grabbing power that rightfully belongs to the Executive and Legislative branches, the states − and, ultimately, the people.

Gerald Walpin, who prosecuted criminals and pursued crooked bureaucrats as a federal Inspector General nominated by President George W. Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, and, many years before, as a top prosecutor for the Department Of Justice in New York, dramatically sets out the deliberate push by a bare majority of Supreme Court justices to usurp the role of our country’s elected lawmakers and executives.

The justices time and again seize the rightful authority of those we elect to represent us, and with unchallengeable arrogance undermine the “inalienable rights” that long have made the United States the world’s brightest beacon of freedom, democracy, and personal security.

According to Mr. Walpin, who also served for many years as head of litigation at a noted New York law firm, the Framers of the Constitution and those who drafted and championed the Bill of Rights and the 17 additional amendments carefully considered and meant every word they wrote. But the “activist” justices of the Supreme Court pay little heed to their language or intent as they “legislate from the bench” and deprive us of rights that our Constitution was adopted to protect.

His book carefully lays out the history of court rulings, providing quotations from the justices’ own writings and dramatic actual facts from cases, to document each illegitimate assumption of power by activist justices. Yet it is so clearly and simply written that one does not have to be a lawyer to see unequivocally where the fault lies.

Elegantly crafted and flawlessly researched, The Supreme Court Vs. The Constitution will have Americans on their feet, demanding that these justices obey and uphold the laws of this land, and that future appointees to the Court not be confirmed unless they pledge to do so. Gerald Walpin’s work will spark a revolution in thought about the Supreme Court, and a new outpouring of appreciation for the brilliant legacy of America’s Founding Fathers.

Praise for The Supreme Court Vs. The Constitution

“Gerald Walpin, an experienced New York litigator, has written a provocative and insightful study, accessible to the lay reader” that “offers one concrete example after another of ‘constitutional’ decisions more firmly rooted in the beliefs of the judges who wrote them than in the [Constitution] they purport to interpret.”

- Hon. Michael Mukasey

Former U.S. Attorney General and Former Chief Judge of U.S. District Court in New York

“Gerald Walpin injects a breath of fresh air … with his bracing critique [that] asks why a mere five Justices … should be allowed to replace the intentions of the writers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with their own preferences. Everyone who worries about the loss of the Framers’ vision at the hands of an imperial judiciary will want to read this book.”

- John Yoo

Professor, Constitutional Law, University of California (Berkeley) and Former Assistant U.S. Attorney General

“Gerald Walpin has written an important, readable, and accessible volume exploring whether the rights of ordinary people have been jeopardized by a U.S. Supreme Court that has interpreted the Constitution to be what it wants rather than what it is, … making it a useful read for those in our country that cherish liberty.”

- Leonard Leo

Executive Vice-President, Federalist Society

“Gerald Walpin’s marvelous book is a patriot’s guide to … woeful history” of the substitution “by willful jurists” of “their social justice panacea” for the “Constitutional governance … designed to preserve … individual liberty, Judeo-Christian morality, and, thus, the equal dignity of every human life.”

- Andrew C. McCarthy

Bestselling Author
Director, Philadelphia Freedom Center,
Senior Fellow, National Review Institute, and
Contributing Editor, National Review

“Every American should read Gerald Walpin’s book [that] explains without jargon or legalese the essential tenets of our great constitution so that both lawyers and non-lawyers can appreciate its crucial points. Walpin’s goal is audacious and yet critical for our country’s future – to strip away the mystique of the modern Supreme Court and illuminate for all Americans the true meaning of constitutional limited government ….”

- Hon. David M. McIntosh

U.S. Congressman (1995-2001)
Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman, Federalist Society Bd. of Dir.
Formerly, Special Asst. to Attorney General &
Special Asst. to President Reagan

“Gerald Walpin’s book is made to order for the intelligent lay observer of the U.S. Supreme Court and the nomination battles that have come to characterize the politics of judicial selection. The prose is highly readable, free of legal jargon but full of analytical insight. Walpin offers a thorough examination of the Court’s recent jurisprudence, documenting its many troublesome departures from the Constitution’s text, its structure and its framers’ intentions.”

- Lillian BeVier

Professor, Constitutional Law
University of Virginia Law School (1973-2010)
Federalist Society Board Of Visitors

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