Government is Killing the Economy!

The Economic Impact of Regulation and Government Mismanagement on the U.S. Economy • Common Sense Thoughts on Finding A Cure

by Walter Raquet

The U.S. is the greatest country, the world’s largest economy. However, our true potential as a country is stunted by costly regulations, compromised politicians and blatant government waste. Given all the progress in productivity we’ve made with new technology and global communications, American business should be soaring. It’s not. Our government is holding us back. But we can fix it!

My solution is to run the Federal government like a business, with a board of directors comprised of half Democratic and Republican business executives and industry experts for every government agency. The concept is simple. Each board would apply the best and most efficient business practices to a failing and wasteful system. They would be able to hire and fire and trim obsolete rules and functions.

We would also establish an effective program to encourage and reward whistleblowers that would stamp out government waste and fraud.

Government is Killing the Economy is a look in detail at how to fix what’s wrong in the greatest country on Earth so we can continue creating a future of optimism. Let’s get started!



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