Government Is Killing the Economy! ~ Excerpts

GovernmentKillingEconomyBookCoverNO RAISE IN 15 YEARS

“Slow growth is the overriding economic issue of our time and the middle class hasn’t had a raise in 15 years. Meanwhile, government employees kept getting raises above and beyond their private sector colleagues…”


“We’ll start with a look at the three biggest problems I see. The first is uncontrolled and unexamined government waste, the second is public and private fraud, and the third and most important is over-regulation as embodied by the 74,000 pages of regulations and commentary on them comprising the U.S. Tax Code and the 20,000 pages of Obamacare….”


“Create boards of directors for all Federal departments and agencies so they can be run like businesses, not necessarily to turn a profit, but to cut waste and unnecessary regulations.

Every government agency should have a board of directors made up of seasoned business executives and eminent industry experts equally divided between Democrats and Republicans (and as many true independents as we can find) who either volunteer their services or receive modest compensation.

These boards would follow the best practices of activist boards whose members use their knowledge and experience to drive management….”


“The second part of the solution is to unleash the millions of whistleblowers who go to work every day and see ridiculous, sometimes criminal, stuff going on and are either too scared or simply not motivated to report it. No, this isn’t a standard politician’s promise to get rid of fraud, waste and abuse, though I’m certainly all for getting rid of those things. This is a very practical proposal that will actual stop waste, fraud and abuse and save the American taxpayer billions of dollars a year. I know this because, as you’ve seen, I was a whistleblower, though unrewarded; and welcome though imperfect, the SEC program has already netted billions of dollars.

Far from being a doomsayer, I’m optimistic that if we can get boards of directors running the government and help whistleblowers police the system, the world’s largest economy and the world’s greatest country can soar again.

Both of these initiatives —the boards and the whistleblower programs—would cut red tape, cut government spending, free up businesses to operate more efficiently and create more jobs. You would be shocked at what adding a board of directors for each government agency, and letting the government employees who see waste and fraud be incentivized to report it without fear, would accomplish….”

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